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Test and Balance (TAB, T&B) is the systematic process of testing (measuring) adjusting and balancing all components of the heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) system to ensure that they all perform to the design intent and operate at an optimum level. TAB is a tedious and methodical process that is often the linchpin that insures that all mechanical components (controls, equipment, electrical, and plumbing) work together as intended. TAB as a trade first came to prominence in the 1950s and as the complexity of HVAC systems and the demand for limiting energy costs grew, so did the demand for TAB services.

With the advent of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified buildings and the demand for green-building certification the demand for TAB services and expertise is now growing exponentially. All LEED certified buildings certified on any level require a certified Test and Balance report.

Many studies and practical experience have shown that proper test and balance is the most consistent link between the energy efficiency of a building as well as limited warranty issues. Precision Flow Engineering prides itself on its independence and commitment to providing building owners and engineers with a system that is installed and operates as intended. Wherever practical, PFE combines our decades of experience to suggest changes to design or installation that will benefit the mechanical efficiency of a project. Because of this, we are advocates of getting the TAB team signed on to the construction project as soon as possible.

We have served but are not limited to the following industries and building types:

  • Healthcare

  • Laboratories

  • Educational

    • K-12

    • Higher Education

    • Private Schools

  • Defense

  • Data Centers

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Industrial Process

    • Air and Water

  • Office

    • Corporate Headquarters

    • High Rise

    • Expansions

  • Retail

  • Government

  • Military

  • Federal Buildings

  • Restaurants

  • Kitchen Hoods

  • Existing Buildings of All Types

While new construction is certainly a large part of our portfolio, we take great pride in helping existing building owners and engineers with diagnosing issues and optimizing the HVAC performance of their building as well.

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